What Our Travellers Say

“South Korea with BAMtravels was my first real trip away from home, yet somehow Danny and Sonya made South Korea feel like my second home. The team was not only well-organized in their plans, but also very knowledgeable of the local culture and society – I had no questions that went unanswered. I especially enjoyed the flexibility and personalization that came with travelling with a small group. We would always have free time after tours to explore any other places of interest and Danny and Sonya were great at recommending places for food, shopping and nightlife. They were always full of energy and excited about the Korean culture, which they know so well. By the end of the trip, Danny and Sonya were not just tour guides anymore, but also friends who would always accept another invite out for karaoke. Thank you guys for such a wonderful experience! I hope to travel with you again.” imming in a waterfall, riding an ATV, bike riding, and hiking. The coffee and food was delicious. After this, I am definitely interested in the Cambodia tour.”

Hunter J Canada - Traveller to South Korea – Hunter J., Canada

“Great experience! As a first time traveller, they were very helpful and provided very good tips, and information, during our free time. The small groups their tours offer made the trip very easy and flexible.”

Derek Travels with BAMTravels — Derek L., Canada

“Had an absolute incredible trip to Korea! Perfect mix of city and country and nice insight to the local culture and traditions. Especially enjoyed the time in Jeju. A totally seamless trip. Definitely recommend BAMtravels.”

Jackie Travel with BAM Travels — Jackie E., USA

“From the minute I arrived to the minute I left, I felt taken care of. The trip surpassed my expectation of Cambodia. It was a mix of activities and downtime; I was blown away by the big cityscape, the country’s rich history, the landscape, the local cuisine, and the shopping experience. Danny and Sonya made us feel comfortable and at ease. Thanks guys!”

Cambodian Traveller With BAMTravels — Gurshan B., Canada

“The BAMtravels tour to Korea was the best! I enjoyed the fun, adventurous activities such as swimming in a waterfall, riding an ATV, bike riding, and hiking. The coffee and food was delicious. After this, I am definitely interested in the Cambodia tour.”

Nikki C Canada - Traveller to Korea — Nikki C., Canada

“I would happily recommend BAMtravels’ tour of Korea to my friends and family and to anyone out there looking for a unique backpacking style tour. They even do tours in Cambodia which I am looking to book for my next adventures.”

Amish Travels with BAMtravels — Amish V., England

“I spent some time on a BAMtravels tour in Seoul, where they had an itinerary packed with some amazing places. I loved shopping in the Myeong-dong (shopping district) and eating bibimbap all the time. And let’s not forget about Korean karaoke!”

Michelle From Canada - Travelled to South Korea — Michelle W., Canada

“Returning from South Korea was my first time feeling sad returning home after a trip! Danny and Sonya were a wonderful team and organized a fantastic tour – well-paced and pretty much personalized according to our small group preferences! Danny was most considerate, full of energy and incredibly patient. Sonya was likewise very insightful of individual needs which made for a smooth overall experience. I would totally recommend BAM Travels since they truly care. Thanks Danny & Sonya – you looked out for me in too many ways to be listed here…right down to my Soju shots! ;)”

Yamuna Traveller to Korea — Yamuna S., Canada

“I loved my trip to Cambodia! I was seriously in a culture shock when I landed. I really felt like I got to experience the local culture though. I’m definitely going on another trip with BAM :)”

Pretty Guest Blog Travel to Cambodia — Pretty C., Australia