January 6, 2017 Danny Bamboat

Top Things to Do in Nepal

With so much to do and see in this mountainous country, we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite top things to do in Nepal.

1)     Explore the city streets of Kathmandu

Tourists walking through buys city streets of Kathmandu - one of the top things to do in Nepal

Strolling through the streets of Thamel. This city is a maze of small alleys lined with box-shaped holes that are restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. Top things to do would be to get lost in the inner streets of touristy Thamel; sit at a shifty table and eat hot paranthas (fried bread); or simply watch city life from a local square.

People sitting in city square in Nepal

Sipping on chai and watching life go by.

a)      Bhaktapur – Stroll around this ancient walled city. Try its famous sweet curd ju ju dhau.

Ancient walled city of Bhaktapur - one of the top things to do in Nepal

Ancient feel of UNESCO World Heritage Site Bhaktapur.

b)     Swayambhunath – Visit this temple with a stupa overlooking the city. But beware the hordes of monkeys!

Nepalese stupa of Swayambhunath - one of the top things to do in Nepal

Mystical Nepalese stupa.

2)     Trekking in the Himalayas

Tourists having fun on top of Himalayan mountain range - one of the top things to do in Nepal

Messing around on the Annapurna Mountain Range.

A definite must in the top things to do in Nepal. Everest has its infamous reputation which often overshadows Annapurna – a great intro to the Himalayan range. Truly unplug and go find yourself among the valleys, stony paths, welcoming villages, and snowy peaks.

3)     Jungle walks in Chitwan National Park

Two men walking through jungle on a tour - one of the top things to do in Nepal

Following our expert guide through the jungle.

Trek through an exotic jungle on the hunt for a wild rhino (maybe even a tiger). Otherwise, ride bikes through the small city past friendly elephants or spend the night in a jungle tower and watch the wildlife come out of the woodwork around you.

A wild rhino in the river in a jungle

The long trek was worth it!

Three tourists in a canoe on a river in the jungle

Early morning river ride.

4)     Pokhara, the town at the base of the Himalayas

A big lake at the foot of the moutains - one of the top things to do in Nepal

Phewa Lake

Pokhara is a small town at the base of the mountains and the entryway for trekkers on their journey. A few days here is relaxing and still open to adventure for those interested in hang gliding, canoeing on Phewa Lake, exploring bat caves, or visiting local stupas.

A scenic view of town at the foot of the mountains

Scenic Pokhara

Two men walking on a bridge through the mountains.

Enjoying the lush landscape.

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