September 1, 2016 Danny Bamboat

The Best Travel Backpack: Osprey Farpoint 70L

Backpacking is awesome. And having the right backpack for your travels is a must. I realized this after trying out a few bags and finally settled on what I think is the best travel backpack: Osprey Farpoint 70L. I absolutely love this bag, and here’s why.

Man wearing white shirt and wearing Osprey Farpoint 70L travel backpack

The Osprey Farpoint 70L is divided into two bags: the 50L Main Pack and the 20L Day Pack. Both of these can be connected through a VERY DURABLE zipper.

50L Main Pack
– Large panel zip that opens up the bag fully
– Padded top and side handles to carry like a suitcase (these are sturdy as hell)
– Stowaway backpanel (that turns the bag into a suitcase)
– Lockable zips
– 2 mesh compartments in the bag for toiletries and small items

20L Day Pack
– Laptop / tablet sleeve
– Easy, accessible zippered pocket on the outside
– Accessible zipper compartment on the inside

Small daypack attached to gray Osprey Farpoint 70L travel backpack

The two main reasons I bought this bag:

1)      The large panel zipper that opens up fully makes it easy to access everything in the bag.

2)      The day pack is the most useful feature of this bag because I use it as a regular backpack for my daily use.

This bag has been thrown on top of buses, in trains, and on planes; strapped to motorcycles; carried up mountains; and beaten up (LITERALLY). And yet it still remains strong. I have to give it to Osprey for their durability because this is one hell of a durable bag.

Man wearing blue tank top holding Osprey Farpoint 70L backpack in a tuk-tuk
So when my day pack was stolen while travelling in Asia, I was actually really sad. I’d never felt this way about a bag before. (It didn’t help that a lot of valuables were in it, as well). Luckily, I had insurance to cover most of my losses, but not my baby. Back in Canada, I called Osprey and told them about my sh*tty situation. They sent me a new day pack COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. I really didn’t expect that and was extremely happy with the customer service I received. Only downside, they were out of the grey bags, so I picked the maroon one instead. I guess it now reminds me of the good and bad of travel.

Osprey Farpoint sent me a new Osprey Farpoint 70L COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

Small daypack with large gray Osprey Farpoint 70L travel backpack on deck

Osprey you have a customer for life. Thank you.

P.S. There’s only one thing that would make this bag even better than it is. Although the day pack has a water bottle holder, the main pack doesn’t. I think it would be useful to have one on the side for easy storage.

Click the video below to watch the Farpoint’s awesome features in action!

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