April 13, 2016 Danny Bamboat

How To Travel On A Budget – 10 Tips

When most people think of travel, they think $$$$$$. It doesn’t really have to all about money. Small tips and tricks along the way can save you quite a few bucks. There are tons of guides online that show you how to travel on a budget and hopefully my little blog just adds a little more to them.

Tip #1: Stay in hostels, use Airbnb, couch surf…in some cases, sleep in a hammock.

All these options are (almost always) easily available and can be done on a very small budget. This way, you also get to meet other travellers to share taxis with, split a meal with, or go to an attraction that discounts groups.

Tip #2: Eat at local markets, go to local grocery stores, and purchase local goods…

which will be far cheaper than the touristy stores. You’ll also get to interact with the people and help you understand their way of life better. And in most places, the cheapest produce is the one in season at the moment, so you get to eat what the locals eat (get used to eating durian).

Tip #3: Cook in your hostel if you can.

Then go out and snack, so you don’t waste much money on a big meal. Or eat at a cheaper local restaurant. Go off the main tourist streets and see what you can find. I usually eat breakfast included at the hostel, snack throughout the day, and get a meal for dinner. Make sure to drinks lots of water (which you can sometimes fill up at your hostel).

Tip #4: Pre-drink before you go out to bars and clubs in the area.

A lot of countries are lax in letting you enjoy a beer in a park. Start off there and let the night take you on its course. Most probably, there will be other locals drinking with you as well.

Tip #5: Do your laundry by hand.

It might not sound like the most thorough way to clean your clothes, but who cares, you’re a traveller! You’ll save on paying a laundry service to do it for you.

Tip #6: Walk anywhere and everywhere as much as possible.

It’s fun to get lost in a city and cheaper than taking transportation. Plus, you get exercise.

Tip #7: Chill at your hostel.

You don’t have to be out all day spending money on food and activities. Most hostels have lounge areas to relax in, read a book, play pool, and mingle with other travellers. You can also sneak a nap in after all that walking you did.

Tip #8: Travel off season.

Flight, hotel, and attraction prices during low season are significantly lower than in peak season. This way you can also enjoy it all to yourselves without the crowds. And rainy season is all part of the experience.

Tip #9: Make some local friends.

Learn some of the language of where you’re travelling and go out and meet locals. They’ll take you to the coolest spots that usually end up being cheap. You might even get an invite to dinner at their house.

Tip #10: Use a backpack and limit yourself to the space in it.

This will save you from having to pay baggage fees if you’re using a budget airline. And you won’t be able to fill your bag up with countless souvenirs. Buy one or two small knick-knacks if you must. The experience is worth more!

So there you have it…our 10 tips to get you started on your travel journey. Can you think of any more tips on how to travel on a budget??