Frequently Asked Questions

Do not mistake our affordable prices for cheap, low quality tours. Our goal is to offer adventure tours to travellers on a budget who are looking for authentic, local experiences (from local foods, to local transportation, to locally-supported accommodation). Although we identify as a an affordable travel operator, we believe in quality services, cleanliness standards, and fulfilling adventures.

Our tours do not include international flights. However, we are happy to recommend travel agents or assist in a booking.

We specialize in South Korea and Cambodia because that is where we lived for 5 years and we know both countries extremely well. However, we will expand to more destinations in the future.

Although we are based in Canada, our travellers can come from anywhere. The US dollar is recognized worldwide, so it is easier to advertise that way. Also, one of our destinations, Cambodia, uses US dollars as their main currency.

Less is better. A travel backpack is most ideal (on average 40 litres) as it is easier to store, carry, and lift. A small piece of luggage such as a duffel bag or carry-on type is also an option. We recommend you to bring a smaller bag for full day adventures (for snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, etc.)

We believe in packing light, however, this will depend on the specific trip you are on. We offer packing guides on our ‘Tips and Links’ page which you can view for more information.

Visa requirements differ according to nationality and destination; therefore, we cannot organize travel visas for you. What we can do is provide you with the necessary links that offer information regarding visas. If you do need a visa, you can organize it on your own or through a travel agent.

We advise you to research your travel destination prior to travelling, including any necessary vaccinations. Your family physician or a Travel Health specialist can best advise you in this matter. You can find helpful websites regarding travel health issues on our ‘Tips and Links’ page, but they are only guidelines, and not equivalent to a professional medical consultation.

We believe in a small and intimate travel group setting. This provides our groups with a more relaxed and personal environment to experience their adventure to the fullest. On average, our group sizes are between 6-12 travellers.

Travellers 18 years and older can travel independently. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you are required to fill out a medical questionnaire. Our tours include walking for long periods of time and other physical activities.

A BAMtravels guide will meet you at the airport when you arrive and accompany you to the place of accommodation. This will be done using local transportation, as it is a part of the BAMtravels experience. Once you have booked your flight, please advise us of your flight itinerary. We do not include airport drop-offs; however, we can definitely assist you in arranging one.

We use local transportation for the majority of a tour (metro, local bus, intercity bus, train, ferry, tuk-tuk). We feel the best way to experience is by travelling with the local people. There may be times where private transportation will be used.

Our BAMtravels guides are very knowledgeable of the eating customs in each country. They can help accommodate you according to your dietary needs. To make this easier, please advise us of any dietary restrictions beforehand. Visit our blog on Travelling As A Vegetarian Korea for useful information.

This varies depending on the destination and the traveller. Whether you are a traveller who likes to shop for small souvenirs, or one who just wants to indulge, your budget would reflect that.

If you have further questions, please email us at Contact Us