May 2, 2016 Danny Bamboat

Best Indian Food in Cambodia

Cambodian food is quite unique—with dishes such as fish amok (aromatic fish curry cooked in a banana leaf) and lort cha (short rice noodles stir-fried in a flavorful sauce). However, other cuisines like Mexican, Indian, Korean, and more can still be found in Cambodia and I am always curious to try them out. That’s how I found the best Indian food in Cambodia!

Orange restaurant sign for best Indian food in Cambodia

While Danny and I were visiting Kampot, a beautiful riverside town in the south of the country, we came across The Kampot Curry House. Being a vegetarian, Indian food gives me the most options. And of course, it’s delicious. What stood out about this particular restaurant was the outstanding and authentic taste of the food.

Front of best Indian restaurant in Cambodia

Main street in front of best Indian restaurant in Cambodia

Menu for best Indian restaurant in CambodiaThe Kampot Curry House is located on Riverside Road in Kampot, next to the Bokor Mountain Lodge Restaurant. In fact, the same owner runs both places. It’s a quaint little place that could go unnoticed unless you keep an eye out. As the weather was nice the day we went, we sat outside to admire the view of the river. The restaurant’s menu offers only a handful of dishes which means the food is prepared carefully, like a home-cooked meal. The owner told us the menu is changed every few days or so for variety.

Our orders of the day

I ordered the channa masala (chickpeas in a mildly spicy sauce) and Danny ordered the beef vindaloo (beef marinated in an array of spices). All dishes came with complimentary rice, onion bhaji (a fritter-like snack made with chickpea flour), and a small naan. The prices were very reasonable, between $4-7 USD. Our meals were greatly appetizing and filling. The only thing the restaurant was missing was a nice hot cup of chai! The service was also noteworthy as the staff was very friendly.

Channa masala Indian food dish

Beef vindaloo Indian food dish

So, if you ever find yourself in Kampot and are in the mood for the best Indian food in Cambodia, I would highly recommend The Kampot Curry House.

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