May 29, 2017 Danny Bamboat

A Great Hiking Trail Near Toronto

Last Tuesday, a few of us decided to get away from the suburbs and step into nature. A longtime favourite place to go to is the Forks of the Credit Park in Caledon, Ontario – a great hiking trail near Toronto. So that’s where we headed. The weather was great for a hike, and the park was just a short ride away. The spontaneity of our outing paid off with the wildlife we encountered along the way: sunbathing turtles, rare birds, a hungry beaver, and friendly horses.

Here’s a recap of our day out!

Row of turtles basking in the sun on a log in a pond on a hiking trail near Toronto

We had to look close to see these guys chilling

Black crow standing on a log looking down at turtle in pond on a hiking trail near Toronto

Who’s in charge hear?

Turtles basking in the sun on logs in a pond on a hiking trail near Toronto

Home of the turtles

Blue, blue skies!

Clear blue skies over a green field in Canada

Canadian blue skies

Man wearing white shirt and black backpack walking down a trail in the woods, using a walking stick

The handy walking stick

Bare trees on green hills on a hiking trail near Toronto

So peaceful

Some more Canadian wildlife…

Brown beaver next to rocks in a river on a hiking trail near Toronto

Think he knows he’s on camera?

Blue jay bird perched on a branch in a bare tree with blue skies in the background

Blue jay hiding in the tree

Woman wearing dark blue coat and man wearing black shirt and shorts feeding brown horses over a fence

These horses definitely weren’t shy

Brown horse shaking his head with grass in his mouth on a farm

Shaking off the tasteless dead grass

Man with black beard wearing a black shirt feeding a brown horse grass over a fence on a farm

Hungry much?

Photos taken by T.

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and are looking for a great hiking trail near Toronto, check out the Forks. And on the way back, why not grab a bite at John’s Family Restaurant like we did (located at 1 Fisherman Drive in Brampton). It’s a locally run diner with big portions of delicious food!

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